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125 years of Kohl & Sohn

- 125 years ago - on 9 August 1897 - the Rheinische Press- und Ziehwerk was founded in Rodenkirchen near Cologne and started with 10 employees. It mainly produced milk cans and other small household and farm products made of metal.

On 13 August 2022, we celebrated this anniversary together with all our employees, their families and guests from the KOHL Group on our company ground in glorious summer weather.

The family members were able to get an idea of the company's performance during the tour of the factory. The high level of automation of the machinery surprised many visitors and left a lasting impression. The small self made gifts for bending together and the anniversary barbecue tongs for the family barbecue at the end of the tour were gladly taken home.

Our special guests - the Klüngelköpp - musically ensured a good and exuberant mood and the magician André Desery delighted the guests with his magical entertainment.

Whether deep drawing, embossing, laser cutting, welding or assembly - we form sophisticated components from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. For end products from a wide variety of industries. We develop and design the necessary tools and fixtures in-house - 360° service from a single source.
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